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Making Whoopee again...Yasmine Meguid was born in the heart of Brooklyn, New York to a Swiss mother and an Egyptian father. She grew up in the city that never sleeps, where she began singing in front of an audience at the young age of four. Yasmine's very first performance was in the pre-kindergarden musical «The Cat and The Mouse», where she played the role of the mouse in a lovely costume made from a pillow case. This was just the beginning...

Live in GraubündenAs she grew up, she realized that singing was what made her most happy, and so she joined a children's choir and later on started with voice lessons. Yasmine attended the La Guardia High School of Music and the Performing Arts in Manhattan before moving to Switzerland, where she continued her studies in singing. Yasmine soon made a name for herself as a lead and studio singer in the Swiss scene, making various appearances on different recordings as well as performing in several bands, choirs and other projects. She then started her own band «nyle», a pop-rock group for which she still writes and sings her own songs today.

Hair on TVAlways wanting to be diverse and explore all areas of music and performance, Yasmine took classes at the Jazz School in Lucerne and joined a theater group, where she played leading roles in different musicals. She then went on to the big stage and sang the role of Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar and then Sheila in the musical Hair a year later, both in the Musical Theater in Basel. Yasmine also sang as a soloist together with various big bands and orchestras in the «Kultur und Kongresshaus» in Lucerne, where she earned much praise for her performance.On stage in Trun November 6, 2004

Yasmine is not quite like any other performer. She has a certain charm and style that is not soon forgotten and a warm and strong voice that carries throughout the evening. She will be singing for years to come.